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Biography: Therese Lacson is an entertainment journalist, Rotten Tomatoes approved critic, editor, and podcaster covering film and television. She is a features editor at Collider, the entertainment editor at The Beat, and the co-founding editor of Nerdophiles. She loves covering everything from film festivals to world premieres to comic conventions. Her passion is focusing on the stories of Asian and Asian Americans, and looking at the culture and the diaspora with a nuanced lens. On top of being a guest host on podcasts, she is also the co-host of Matrix 404 and regularly appears as a guest on Comic News Insider. When she’s not writing or editing behind the screen of her laptop, she enjoys playing video games, reading birth charts, and indulging in food and drinks!

Favorite Films: Moulin Rouge, 2046, Howl’s Moving Castle, Lord of the Rings

Favorite TV Shows: Succession, Ted Lasso, Battlestar Galactica

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Social Media:  Twitter