Biography: In 2019, Stacey Yvonne traded the Mild Mild Midwest for the Wild Wild West and has never looked back. As a young woman, her first job was at a video store where she achieved her goal of watching every movie on the shelves. Since then she’s been fascinated with creating and analyzing entertainment.  She’s not too afraid to admit that she loves a raunchy comedy just as much as any Oscar bait and she’s committed to spotlighting diverse talent. When not immersing herself in entertainment media you can find her napping, or making plans to finally have a beach weekend. She’s looking forward to seeing what the entertainment business has in store and sharing it with the audience.

Favorite Films: The Color Purple, Moonrise Kingdom, Minority Report, Zola, Singing in the Rain, and Good Will Hunting

Favorite TV Shows: Anything Bill Lawrence, Lost, Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Pushing Daisies, and My So-Called Life

Social Media:  TwitterInstagram