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Media Affiliations: JVS Media & Productions and Team JVS


Biography: Samuel Leggett Jr. is a film critic and the editor for JVS Media & Productions/Team JVS. Serving as a film critic, content creator, and editor since 2013. Samuel is also a full-time IT Specialist, a full-time Husband/Father, and a part-time Producer/Writer/Director for feature projects under JVS Media & Productions, LLC. Samuel is a lover of cinema, entertainment media, and multifaceted art on all ranges. Samuel’s love of cinema started early with a viewing of the 1989 Film ‘Batman’; sparking his excitement for cinema, musical composition, artistic creation, and the superhero fandom Samuel enjoys spending time with his family, creating new forms of expressive art, and loves finding ways to encourage & uplift others.

Favorite Films: Batman, Face/Off, The Matrix, Gladiator, Summer Wars, and Blade Runner 2049 

Favorite TV Shows: Smallville, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Luthor, Sword Art Online, The Walking Dead, and Sherlock

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Social Media Links: Twitter, Instagram