Media Affiliations: JumpCut Online, InSession Film, and The Young Folks

Biography: Nguyen Le is a freelance film writer currently based in Houston, Texas. He is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic with bylines at JumpCut Online, InSession Film, The Young Folks, Awards Watch, FANGORIA, the Houston Chronicle, and more (he’ll let you know where he is published, don’t worry). At first, Nguyen only liked films with car chases, but thankfully he expanded his tastes (and declared sci-fi as His Thing) and found subtitles one of the world’s the best inventions. When not working toward his mission to add some Vietnamese, or Asian, presence in the film-writing realm, he would cook, design, and dabble in amateur photography. He claims to know how to make posterior-kicking ca phe sua da and equally so omelette.

Favorite Films: Little Miss Sunshine, Kairo (Pulse), Jurassic Park, Spirited Away, and The Others

Favorite TV Shows: Big Little Lies, Haunting of Hill House, Chernobyl, The Night Manager, and The Little Drummer Girl

Social Media Links: Facebook, Letterboxd, and Twitter