Biography: Kay-B is an entertainment journalist, host, Rotten Tomatoes approved critic, producer, and podcaster covering all things TV & film from reviews & world premieres to comic conventions & film festivals! You can catch all of her coverage on her YouTube channel, Through The Lens of Lady Kay-B. She was also the Season 2 host of The Color Grade Podcast, where she dives deep into TV & Film criticism from an unapologetic & unfiltered Black & Brown perspective! When she’s not podcasting or writing for Complex, Collider or The Beat, she’s co-hosting & co-producing her YouTube show Super Lady Hero Hour about all things Superheroes, or being a guest on shows like Pay or Wait, Pop Culture Planet, and Kiss Your Franchise Goodbye. When she’s not interviewing some of her favorite artists, she enjoys world travel, great food, and delightful books. And when she’s not busy writing, you can find her rewatching her personal favorites: The Good Wife, Living Single, and Friday Night Lights.

Favorite Films: Imitation of Life, Casper, The Holiday, One Night in Miami, Stardust, Selena, Widows, Brown Sugar, Iron Man, and the Mission: Impossible Franchise

Favorite TV Shows: Ted Lasso, The Equalizer, The Flash, The Good Fight, 9-1-1 Lonestar, Emily in Paris, Love Life, Insecure, The Underground Railroad, and Scenes from a Marriage

Social Media:  TwitterInstagram, Facebook