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Media Affiliations: FilmSpeak and The Playlist


Biography: Griffin Schiller is an Entertainment Journalist, Film/TV Critic, and Podcast Host based in Los Angeles. Born in Frederick, MD and a graduate of Purdue University, Griffin is driven by his lifelong passion for and love of cinema that harkens back to the first time he saw The Phantom Menace (yes, that was his first Star Wars film). His experiences working on award-winning short films and music videos provide him with a deepened knowledge of the filmmaking process that he seeks to apply to his film criticism and commentary.

In 2015, Griffin began his journey into criticism with the YouTube channel and website FilmSpeak where he put his proven background in video production to good use. What started out as a group of friends digging deep into the weeds after midnight screenings, soon transformed into a professional, trustworthy, and reliable source for thoughtful and exclusive insight, analysis, and interviews behind the entertainment you love. Since then, Griffin has regularly reported on industry news, interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry, and attended events and film festivals such as SDCC, TIFF, SXSW, and Sundance. His work has been featured across multiple publications most notably, AwardsCircuit and The Playlist where he’s not only a regular contributor but host of the interview podcast The Fourth Wall. He’s a lover of all things Christopher Nolan and a James Bond aficionado who obsesses over the latest fashion trends and has Hans Zimmer queued up for days.

Favorite Films: Inception, Casino Royale, Vertigo, American Beauty, King Kong (2005), From Russia With Love, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Dunkirk, The Man With No Name Trilogy, La La Land, The Departed, 1917, The Incredibles, North by Northwest, A Streetcar Named Desire, and WavesF: The Wizard of Oz

Favorite TV Shows:  Westworld, Lost, Friends, The Office, Mad Men, Legion, Dexter, The Haunting of Hill House, Mindhunter,  and Barry

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