Media Affiliations: CineXpress, El Vocero, and Hot 102.5 FM

Biography: Born on January 24, 1980, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Francisco’s interest in film began early thanks to his parents and films such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, Jaws, ET, and Goonies. After studying marketing, journalism, and film, he graduated from the University of Dayton in Ohio in 2005 – where he wrote for the school’s newspaper, Flyer News. After writing for several US-based movie blogs, Francisco decided to create the Puerto Rican film website CineXpress in 2011. Since then, Francisco has worked as a film critic, reporter, and commentator on the top local TV show “Ahora Es” on Univision PR, “Primetime” on ABC Puerto Rico, “Nación Z” on MegaTV PR, top local newspaper El Vocero, and top local radio stations Fidelity 95.7 FM, Hot 102.5 FM and Sal Soul 99.1 FM. The first Puerto Rican to be certified by Rotten Tomatoes, Cangiano has also had the opportunity to cover multiple prestigious Film Festivals and participate in numerous in-person and virtual press junkets. Without a doubt, cinema continues to be his biggest passion.

Favorite Films: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, LOTR: The Return of the King, Back to the Future, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight, and The Tree of Life.

Favorite TV Shows: Friends, Lost, Breaking Bad, Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, and SNL

Legend of the Seeker and Xena: Warrior Princess

Social Media:  TwitterInstagram