Fiona Underhill

Media Affiliations: Jumpcut Online, MovieJawn, and Filmotomy 

Biography:Fiona Underhill is a freelance film and TV critic and the Editor-in-Chief of JUMPCUT ONLINE. She is from the UK, where she was a High School teacher for ten years and taught English, Drama, Media Studies and Film Studies. She moved to the US (just outside Los Angeles) with her husband and two sons in October 2016. Fiona has bylines at Nerdist, Crooked Marquee, Girls on Tops, as well as regularly contributing to Moviejawn (a Philadelphia-based zine and website) and semi-regularly to Filmotomy. She has attended Sundance Film Festival for the last 3 years, as well as more local So-Cal festivals including AFI Fest, TCM Classic Film Fest, and Outfest LA. Fiona enjoys interviewing the craftspeople behind film and TV, especially costume and production designers, and has been thrilled to recently interview Sandy Powell, Alexandra Byrne, and Mark Bridges. She has been writing reviews for JUMPCUT ONLINE since March 2016 and worked her way up to Reviews Manager and now Editor-in-Chief. JUMPCUT is a multi-faceted pop culture website, publishing daily reviews, interviews, and features which cover film and TV. It has several offshoots including the podcast JUMPCAST, JUMPCUT PLAY (which covers computer games), and JUMPCUT STUDIOS, which produce films and run CELL ADORE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Fiona is on the jury). JUMPCUT ONLINE is Patreon-funded, which allows for a small team of paid staff writers and a larger team of contributors and they produce a quarterly JUMPCUT MAGAZINE.

Favorite Films: Empire of the Sun, A Matter of Life and Death, The Apartment, Wayne’s World, and Orlando

Favorite TV Shows: Frasier, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, ER, Northern Exposure, The Wire, Lost, This is England, and Utopia (UK)

Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter