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Biography: Erik is the founder/owner and Editor-in-Chief of AwardsWatch, and thanks to his mother for his love of all things Oscar, having watched the Academy Awards together since he was in single digits; making lists, rankings, and predictions throughout the show. This led him down the path to obsessing about awards. Much later, he found himself in film school and the film forums of GoldDerby, and then migrated over to the former Oscarwatch (now AwardsDaily), before breaking off to create AwardsWatch in 2013. While awards and predicting are a focus of AwardsWatch, Erik has been active in bringing aboard diverse voices and a wider representation to the world of film criticism, film festivals, interviews and the access that those require. His work as a mentor and editor for new writers has opened a new door to what AwardsWatch is and will be in the future.

Favorite Films: Rebel Without a Cause, Dog Day Afternoon, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and Moonlight

Favorite TV Shows: The Facts of Life, Dynasty, Friday Night Lights, and The Leftovers

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Social Media:  TwitterInstagram, Facebook