Media Affiliation: The Cinescope 

Biography: From a very young age, Demetri Panos was hooked on the movie-going experience. Until he was nine, he was on a steady diet of Disney Movies and Star Trek. Both Live Action and Animated ironically in both cases! In 1975, Demetri put on his big boy pants and watched a movie that changed his movie-going life, which was Jaws. He stayed out of the water and was afraid to go into a bathtub. The ’70s rolled on, and he became even more addicted to film. Star Wars added to his love of Science Fiction, as did Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Live and Let Die, and The Spy Who Loved Me turned him into a Bond fan for life and in terms of Horror, Halloween and Alien kept him awake for many a night!

And then the 80s happened. Rarely did Demetri have a conversation that didn’t revolve around a movie. He had subscriptions to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety throughout college. He read anything that taught him more about the Movie Biz. Demetri graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Broadcasting.  He interned and worked at WBCN Radio, where his 1st movie review occurred on air. The film was TURNER AND HOOCH. Demetri then worked at the Boston Phoenix alongside Film Critic Peter Keough, providing capsule reviews. He got paid by the word while also working in Ad Sales. He left the publishing world to work in the Studio Distribution System at Universal Pictures.

He has since worked in the world of Exhibition and Production. He garnered his very first Film Credit on Robert Zemeckis’s CONTACT.  You can find him in the credits under Staff Assistants-just don’t blink! From there, Demetri worked at Lionsgate for about a decade, where he helped bring in the Theatrical Digital Age while at Technicolor. At Technicolor, he helped Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro get their movie into AMC Theaters. Thus forged a relationship that pulled me back into the reviewing world.  In 2013, he became a host on Anatomy of a Movie.

With over 500 movie dissections and interviews with the likes of John Ottman under my belt, Demetri has recently launched his own YouTube channel, The Cinescope, where he reviews films weekly.

Favorite Films: The Lady Eve, Jaws, Bad News Bears, Halloween, Caddyshack, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Close Encounters of a Third Kind, The Thing, Toy Story, Alien, and many, many more.

First Film You Ever Saw: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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