Caitlin Kennedy

Media Affiliations: But Why Tho?, Daily Dead, Film Inquiry and Nerdist

Biography: Caitlin Kennedy is a freelance film critic and culture writer based in Austin, TX. Her love of films began somewhere between being shown ROSEMARY’S BABY at a very impressionable age and watching hours of John Wayne westerns with her father. Caitlin is hopelessly devoted to the Austin film scene and hopes to someday have her ashes scattered within an Alamo Drafthouse.

Coming from a varied educational background — including law, politics, gender, history, religion, cinema studies, and a handful of other liberal arts — Caitlin weds her passion for film with a relentless fascination with cultural study. Caitlin is a Rotten Tomatoes approved critic and her work has been featured on the former Birth. Movies. Death, Daily Dead, The Mary Sue, and all across the Internet. She is a proud member of the Online Association of Female Film Critics, the Women Film Critics Circle, and the Online Film and Television Association. Caitlin’s likes include bourbon, sensible sweaters, slasher films, and spending time on her family ranch. Her dislikes include Los Angeles traffic and people who talk during movies.

Favorite Films: JAWS, The Quiet Man, El Dorado, Barefoot in the Park, Jurassic Park, and Halloween

Favorite TV Shows: Steven Universe, Desperate Housewives, The Office, and Big Mouth

Social Media:  TwitterInstagram, Facebook