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Biography: Brian Formo is a content Producer for Fandango, including their Movieclips and Vudu YouTube channels. In addition to Fandango, his review bylines have included Collider, Festiville (Letterboxd’s Film Festival Newsletter/Journal), IGN, HuffPost, Mandatory, and Rotten Tomatoes. Formo has done time in the LA and NY critics scene but his very first paid movie review came in Spokane, Washington for The Spokesman Review at the age of 18. That was for Almost Famous.

Favorite Films: Point Blank, Carol, Kuroneko, Do the Right Thing, Badlands, Marie Antoinette, Election, Mother Joan of the Angels, Personal Shopper, Padre Padrone, and so many more.

Favorite TV Shows: Mad Men, Twin Peaks, The Underground Railroad, Watchmen, Rectify, Better Call Saul, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Simpsons, and Party Down

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Social Media:  Twitter, Letterboxd