Karen M. Peterson

Biography: Growing up in Southern California, movies were a way of life. Karen’s film education began in the early 1980s, watching Tom Hatten’s Saturday Matinees on KTLA Channel 5. Her passion for the Oscars came just a few years later. 

Eventually, these passions led her to AwardsCircuit.com where she began writing about film, television, and entertainment awards. A few years later, she joined their podcast team.

Seeing a lack of female representation in film criticism and podcasting, Karen and three colleagues launched the Citizen Dame Podcast to discuss film and the industry from a female perspective. Soon after, she also joined the Watch and Talk Podcast and is a frequent guest on other awards and film shows, as well.

She is also a fan of the LA Angels and lives with her dwarf bunny, Bruce Wayne.

Favorite Films: The Empire Strikes Back, When Harry Met Sally, ET, Diabolique, The Sound of Music, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, Jerry Maguire, Pan’s Labyrinth, Dead Poet’s Society, Elf, Cleo from 5 to 7, Psycho, and It’s a Wonderful Life. 

First Film You Ever Saw: Officially, it was Star Wars, but the first film experience that I remember was Superman 2.

Social Media:  TwitterInstagram, Facebook