Elizabeth Stanton

Biography: Elizabeth has loved films ever since she was little, and loved giving her thoughts on them ever since she was a teenager. After graduating with a Film Studies degree from Michigan State University, she moved to Los Angeles and began working in production, and then entertainment news, starting at Entertainment Tonight and the Insider. There, she worked on promos, packages, and doing interviews on red carpets and at junkets. 

From there, Elizabeth moved on to E! News as a producer, writing news and in-depth packages on everything from the royals to movie anniversaries, as well as working in the field from time to time. She has also produced a series for Snapchat through NBC’s Digital Lab called Geekly, a weekly nerdy/geeky pop culture recap show, highlighting the genre world in film, tv, and games.

In addition to that, she co-hosts a movie review podcast called “Love It or Hate It” with Angelique and Elizabeth which focuses on female-led opinions and critiques, as well as good old fashioned fun debate. The duo loves having guests on to discuss films, both popular and obscure, and hope to shine a light on underrepresented filmmakers.

Favorite Films: The Wizard of Oz, Young Frankenstein, Goodfellas, Rosemary’s Baby, Clue, Three Amigos, The Evil Dead 2, Dog Day Afternoon, Mean Girls, My Favorite Year, Heathers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Hot Fuzz, Labyrinth, Napoleon Dynamite, The Prestige, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Singing in the Rain, and Scream. 

First Film You Ever Saw: The Wizard of Oz

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