When can aspiring members apply? Is there an application fee?

New applicants can submit an application year round. The organization adds new members in March and then again in September. There is no fee to apply for membership.

What are the benefits of becoming an HCA member?

In addition to joining a thriving and diverse community of critics and entertainment journalists, members of the Hollywood Critics Association get an array of empowering benefits. Just a few examples below:

  • Free access to all HCA ceremonies, for the member plus a guest.
  • The chance to take center stage and present in front of an increasingly numerous audience.
  • Increased access to screenings, screeners and studio/network’s special events.
  • The opportunity to create and/or contribute to an HCA project, and being remunerated for it. 

What are annual membership dues used for?

Membership dues are used towards member meetups, website hosting/maintenance, in-person events such as the 2021 HCA TV Awards screening, organizational costs including but not limited to, the distribution of press releases, marketing, and monthly subscription services such as Streamyard and Zoom. 

How do members pay for their annual dues?

Members can pay their dues via check, Venmo, or Paypal. 

Venmo – @HollywoodCritics
Paypal – events@hollywoodcriticsassociation.com

If paying by check, please mail a check payable to the Hollywood Critics Association:

14242 Ventura Blvd
Ste 227
Sherman Oaks CA 91423

What if a member is suffering financial hardship and can’t pay their dues?

If a member cannot pay dues, all they have to do is email board@hollywoodcriticsassociation.com to let a board member know and we will waive their fees for the calendar year. The HCA has not asked members to pay dues in 2020 because of COVID pandemic and in 2021 and 2022, has not required dues to paid if they experience any sort of hardship.

What annual award ceremonies does the HCA have?

The Hollywood Critics Association currently creates and produces two in-person award ceremonies; the HCA Film Awards in January or February, and the HCA TV Awards in August.

The HCA Midseason Awards are not a ceremony per se, but nominees and winners are announced virtually each June.

What are the qualifying release windows for HCA Awards?

The qualifying release window for the HCA Film Awards is January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

The qualifying release window for the HCA Midseason Awards is January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023.

The qualifying release window for the HCA TV Awards is June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023.

How are Award Ceremonies financed?

Sponsorships: The HCA works with private entities to promote their products or services at our events. There are two kinds of sponsorship, paid and in-kind. In-kind sponsorships occur more frequently and can be best described as a trade or barter, i.e. a company provides liquor in exchange for their logo to be on a red carpet step-and-repeat.

Tables Sales: Leading up to each ceremony, the organization sells tables for those who wish to attend the event.

Entry fees (HCA TV Awards only): Networks and Personal Publicists can submit shows, writers, directors, and actors who wish to be considered when membership begins to vote. Sometimes actors, writers, or directors will self-submit.

Why are submission fees charged for the HCA TV Awards?

Submission fees are standard practice for many awards bodies, including but not limited to the Television Academy, BAFTA, the Telly Awards, the Peabody Awards, and Critics Choice.

We are following long-standing precedents and procedures set by the main ceremonies for each medium: The Academy of Motion Pictures Sciences doesn’t charge entry fees for the Oscars so we don’t do it for the HCA Film Awards. The TV Academy does it for the Emmys so we do it for the HCA TV Awards.

Entry fees are used to help cover and improve the HCA TV Awards ceremonies’ expenses, including the venue’s cost, show production, red carpet production, the photographers, videographers, editors, graphic designers, security, awards statues, food, alcohol, programs, public relations, etc.

Do members vote for the nominees and winners of the major awards categories?

As a member of the Hollywood Critics Association, you have the right to vote or not vote in any of our awards, including the Midseason Film Awards, the HCA TV Awards, and the HCA Film Awards. However, if a member doesn’t vote on the nominees, they will not be eligible to vote for the winners.

As a member, can I suggest honorary award recipients?

Traditionally, honorary awards are selected by the executive members and the board. If you are interested in suggesting a name or honoree, we welcome all suggestions and they can be emailed to board@hollywoodcriticsassociation.com.

How do HCA fundraising campaigns work?

Any fundraising done through GoFundMe is paid directly to the charity via the GoFundMe website. The HCA is not involved in how or when the money is sent to the charity. All financials are handled directly by GoFundMe.

Does HCA create and produce original content?

The HCA creates and produces a wide variety of content.

All members of the HCA are encouraged and invited to participate in weekly projects such as the HCA Gradebook and social media projects such as June’s LGBTQ film and TV recommendations.

The HCA and its members also create, produce, and participate in various aftershows, weekly shows, interviews, and FYC conversations. 

Can a member suggest a new weekly show or aftershow?

Absolutely! The majority of weekly shows and aftershows (like “Pop Council” or “Women of the Movement,” for example) were born out of the initiative and passion of HCA members that wanted to create and host video and audio content on our platforms.

Are members financially compensated for participating in HCA projects?

At the moment, the only activities that receive monetary compensation are main hosting duties for the following HCA projects and content: Weekly shows, aftershows, FYC conversations, Q&A moderation,  junket interviews, red carpet interviews, and red carpet pre-shows (HCA ceremonies).

Is any of the content created by the Hollywood Critics Association controlled or influenced by a studio or network?

No. All content produced and released by the Hollywood Critics Association represents the views and opinions of the individuals participating. Studios, networks, publicists and other external entities have no say over the views and opinions expressed in our weekly shows or aftershows.

Can studios and networks financially support certain types of HCA content?

Yes, studios and networks have the option of supporting FYC and in-studio special content.

It is an industry standard for studios and networks to afford the costs associated with putting together FYC (for your consideration) content and events, including a moderating host and production fees.

All HCA weekly shows, and the vast majority of the aftershows, are created for free virtually, with the HCA assuming moderate hosting and production costs. In-studio aftershows are exponentially more expensive and require additional funds to sustain a TV-level pre-production, production, and post-production process for an extended period of time. All funds go to cover the cost of a Los Angeles-based studio, technical equipment, expert workforce, HCA hosts, editing and graphic design, promotion, etc.

As a voting member of the HCA, can I express my positive or negative impressions for a particular film or TV show to the public and fellow members?

Of course. The HCA encourages all members to openly and respectfully discuss and highlight films and television shows throughout the year, including awards season.

Is the Hollywood Critics Association a non-profit organization?

In California, the HCA is listed as a non-profit organization. On a federal level, the HCA’s non-profit status is still pending as of August 22, 2022. The HCA is not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation nor is it tax-exempt.

This FAQ page will be constantly updated with more detailed and up-to-date information.
If you want to suggest a question for this section, please do so by sending an email to board@hollywoodcriticsassociation.com