The Hollywood Critics Association is no longer accepting new member applications online. However, if you are interested in becoming a member, please review the following rules and qualifications below and email awards@hollywoodcriticsassociation.com to inquire about becoming a member.

  • All members must reside within the United States with a preferred residence within the state of California. Since HCA is a California-based organization, we are limiting the total number of members who reside outside the state of California to 20%.
  • All members must have a minimum of two years of experience in film and/or television.
  • All members must show consistent ongoing work within the film and/or television industry. 
  • All members are representatives of the HCA, therefore, you must be respectful of others and their opinions. Things like name-calling or gender bashing are strictly prohibited. This applies to all social media platforms. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards hate, sexism, and racism. 
  • All members must publish at least four articles/videos/podcasts relating to film and/or television each month.
  • All members of the Hollywood Critics Association are required to screen films and television series regularly. We encourage all of our members to seek out and view as many films and series as possible. If you need help accessing a particular show or film, we can try to assist you but cannot guarantee that it will happen as most studios and networks have different restrictions and requirements. 
  • All members must write at least 40 articles each year. Articles can include reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, etc. Each piece should be at least 400 words in length. 
  • If you do video content, videos must be at least 2-3 minutes in length. If you do podcasts, all podcasts should be at least 30 minutes in length. 
  • Quality content is key. All written material should be free of grammatical errors. Video content should be of high quality and edited together without excessive jump-cuts.
  • If you have an issue with a member of the organization, please email awards@HollywoodCriticsAssociation.com so that an executive member can review the situation and resolve the issue with you. 
  • We are all about celebrating film and television as a medium and want our members to express their feelings towards a specific project with well-informed and thoughtful criticism whether they love it or hate it.
  • Any award screeners, screening links, event invites, swag, or screening invites received as part of being a member are not be shared or distributed to anyone outside of the organization.
  • Under absolutely no circumstance is it allowed to disclose any information about the HCA to anyone who isn’t a member. If it is discovered that you have disclosed any information, you will be immediately removed from the group.

HCA Rules and Requirements Key Yearly Membership Requirements

  • Vote for the Film Awards, Midseason Awards, and TV Awards
  • Appear on an HCA Network show at least twice per calendar year.
  • Participate in social media member projects, at least six of them per year (best of the year lists/member profiles/daily critics picks, etc).
  • Share and promote HCA content such as podcasts, award show teasers/graphics, and member content on your personal social media channels.
  • Tag HCA social media accounts on select social media posts throughout the year so that the organization can help promote your work regularly.
  • Send in any required communication/forms according to deadlines.
  • Attend HCA member meetings (two per year).
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions about the organization on our Facebook member page or via email.
  • Attend the HCA Film Awards and HCA TV Awards each year.
  • Mention that you are a member of the HCA on your social media profiles. 
  • There is a yearly membership fee of $100.

Annual Reviews

  • An annual review of every member will be done every calendar year. These will occur a few weeks after the Film Awards ceremony.  At that time, one of three things will happen: 
    • Nothing because you are in good standing with the organization.
    • A warning that will be subject to a six-month review
    • Removal from the organization due to not meeting multiple-member expectations as outlined above.