The Hollywood Critics Association is no longer accepting new member applications for 2019. If you are interested in becoming a member, our next application period will take place in 2020. Our new member applications will be made available starting January 15, 2020. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, please review the following qualifications before applying:

There is a yearly membership fee of $75.

Applicant must have a minimum of two years of experience as a film critic and must show consistent on-going work as a critic. We require all of our applicants to review at least four films per month.

There is a strict requirement that all applicants must have written or recorded at least 50 film reviews in the past year. Reviews can include theatrical reviews, Blu-Ray releases, film festival reviews, and classic films. All video reviews must be at least 3 minutes in length while written reviews should be no less than 400 words per article.

Quality is key. All written reviews should be free of grammatical errors. If you are a video reviewer, your video reviews should be of high-quality and edited together without excessive jump-cuts.

We are looking for unique voices that aren’t afraid of meaningful criticism. We are all about celebrating film as a medium and want our members to be able to express their feelings towards a film whether they love it or hate it.

Any award screeners or screening links received as part of being a member must not be shared or distributed to anyone outside of the organization.

Any screening invites that you receive as a HCA member are not to be forwarded or shared with anyone outside of the organization.

Some additional requirements to be a member of the Hollywood Critics Association are as follows:

  • Appear on Film Critics Weekly Weekly at least twice per the calendar year.
  • Participate in our monthly Daily Critic Pick at least six times per year.
  • Participate in voting for the Movie Pick of the Week regularly.
  • Send in any required work according to the Facebook group or Email deadlines.
  • Attend at least one HCA member meeting per the calendar year.
  • Contribute to on-going discussions about “the group” on our Facebook page, the primary means of communication for our organization, and reply to communication in a timely fashion.
  • As a member of the HCA, we hope and encourage you to attend the HCA Award Ceremony each year.
  • Under absolutely no circumstance is it allowed to disclose any information discussed in our Facebook group or via HCA email about the organization to anyone who isn’t a member. If it is discovered that you have disclosed information, you will be immediately removed from the group

Our Application Deadline for 2019 is now closed. We want to thank everyone that applied and will alert everyone of their status by mid to late April. Thank you for your interest in joining the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society.