About the Hollywood Critics Association

Hollywood is the home of the film industry and a diverse population of millions of residents. In 2016, the Hollywood Critics Association was created to acknowledge the importance of online critics as well as to encourage, support, and promote underrepresented voices within the industry. Since its inception, the HCA has become a respected presence in “the industry,” with its annual awards ceremony being praised by members, celebrities, and other industry guests. In 2021, the Hollywood Critics Association will expand its mission of celebrating entertainment by adding in a focus on television and streaming while elevating diverse voices in criticism from all across the USA. 

HCA Executives

Scott Menzel


Ashley Menzel


Nestor Bentancor


Jazz Tangcay

(Vice President)

2021 HCA Trailblazer Award Honoree: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

2021 HCA Inspire Award Honoree: Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Best Films of 2020 by HCA Members

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Valiant Award Honoree: Zack Snyder

Timeless Award Honoree: Dante Spinotti